Anna Kaminski stages elaborate scenes to create political narratives. Having started in photojournalism in the midst of the Iraq War, politics, religion, and human rights are central themes in her work.  She works in the realm of photography, sculpture, installation, and performance. Her curated environments live at the intersection of photography, Installation, and performance often making audiences uncomfortable, providing a space for questioning the work, the themes it represents, and the audience’s central role on a political stage. 

The collective trauma of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and personal trauma were themes in early work. She  still aims to question the realities we know and complacencies we accept. She has been involved in the activist community through organizations like codepink, women against military madness, and worked in the realm of homelessness and housing at shelters and policy organizations. These experiences deeply inform her work.  She is currently making work that aims at re-envisioning power politics,  and touches on issues of anonymity, war, and complacency. She is based in Washington, D.C. and is currently an artist in residence at the Fillmore Studios Program.